The Chair Salon and Spa Top Wedding Do’s & Don’ts

February 21, 2018

Everyone deserves a little pampering before the BIG day, but the real question is, how soon before the big day?


Wedding season is upon us, and every bride wants to look and feel beautiful for that special day. Most can agree that Wedding planning can be slightly stressful, so here is our guide for what and when to care for yourself, the “I” in “I Do!”




Are you a bride who wants to have the pre-wedding glow that you hear about in the movies? Then your best option is a facial treatment! There is a fine line between glow and “whoa” when it comes to facials, we suggest starting off mild and working your way up to more active facials. So typically you would want to start with a monthly ( every 4-6 weeks) facial, as soon as six months prior to the big day. You don't want to get a facial any later than two weeks prior to your wedding day. You have to take into consideration how your skin will heal from extractions, peels, or any other enhancements you try before the ceremony. Along with professional treatments, your aesthetician can custom create an at home regimen that will prolong the effects of the facial. Just make sure to do your part up until the big day for glowing wedding skin!








Bridal nails are just as unique as the brides style, so have fun with it! We are familiar with the options that will have your nails lasting longer than traditional polish. Gel, acrylic and shellac nails are all the rage right now! Although these fads promise longer lasting results, they are not only damaging to your nails but also your body. Gels and Acrylic are formulated with many harmful and toxic chemicals that may harm you in the long run.  The benefits of brands like ZOYA and Nail & Bone is that they are formulated without the top ten toxins found in standard polish. Depending on how active you are, we recommend that you dress your nails up as close to the actual date as you can. One of our favorite nail treatment is the dry manicure, retouching can be simpler with basic polish just invest in your own polish bottle and have a trusty bridesmaid carry the

bottle with her until the very day for any touch-ups needed.







If you ask a future bride if there is any stress she is carrying, she might just go full on Bridezilla on you. The answer is yes, and massages are one of the best stress and tension relievers, but getting a massage too close to your day can backfire. When you are getting massaged, it feels great because we are releasing tension and toxins from trapped muscles in the body. Where do those toxins go? They need to be flushed out of your system. If you are a person who holds a lot of stress and tension (specially when planning for a wedding) you need to be drinking a significant amount of water each day. We cannot stress this enough, and so will your massage therapist. Dizzy, dehydrated, and fatigued are only a couple of the symptoms people experience after a massage. Not some of the feelings you want to have on the happiest day of your life, right? Any time between 48 hours prior to the day works for most to get this treatment. And you should opt for a results-oriented Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage body treatment to contour and relieve water bloating in the body, rather than a deep tissue service just to avoid any bruising or injury to your body if you are sensitive.


 We hope this guide helps you to relax and take it easy when planning your Wedding Day, don’t forget to breathe and always take care of yourself.






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