Bridal Massage 101

March 24, 2018

No doubt planning a wedding is an exciting time that may bring unwanted stress. There are many factors to take into consideration when planning your dream day, but we are here to remind you to always take care of yourself! 


Massage therapy is one of the oldest health care practices known in history. As human beings, the simple action of touch to an area of discomfort or hurt is so therapeutic that it comes to no surprise it has made its own industry. But which massage is the right one for you? How often should you be getting a massage? And how soon is too soon to receive a massage before the wedding day? Here are our top massage treatments for a more stress-free relaxed bride and groom!


Stress-fix Massage


First up, a must-try if all the stress of planning your big day has come to its peak. If this is the case, the Aveda Stress Fix Massage was made for you! Aveda Stress-fix aroma has been proven to reduce the feelings of stress through the power of essential oils. This hybrid massage combines techniques of Swedish and Deep tissue massages, along with acupressure and foot reflexology to rejuvenate and reach a full body relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage


You have probably heard of this famous massage technique, but did you know that deep tissue shouldn’t be painful? Depending on what kind of muscle discomfort you are feeling your therapist can use firmer pressure on the exact areas, isolating the muscle to solely focusing deep pressure in that area. If you are someone who enjoys regular athleticism, or just have more stiffness in your body, deep tissues are highly recommended to reach tense muscles that normal massages cannot relax.  At the end it will feel like a “good” hurt, similar to the soreness you feel after a workout.


Chakra Balancing Massage


Chakras are focal points found on the body the stem from the base of the spine to the crown of the head that can be used in mediation practices for overall well-being. Sometimes due to stress, lifestyle, and other trauma these chakras become unbalanced, which may lead to other intense symptoms. The Aveda Chakra balancing massage is a total mind and body experience that begins with a foot ritual then gently incorporates your legs and shoulders into a massage. Once you have reached a level of full relaxation your therapist will guide you into a meditation to align chakras bringing the balance you desire. Muscles will feel much more at ease and tension free, more often than not guests feel energized after this treatment.



See you soon for your next massage!


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