Our go to Summer Products

July 11, 2019

With Summer days getting hotter and hotter around the Valley and Malibu, it’s time to grab your sunscreen, water bottles and your favorite Aveda hair product. From styling, to sun care, The Chair Aveda Salon and Spa has it all!


Here is a list of our top pick hair products from our very own salon staff!


Janet’s go to summer product:

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil


Why she chooses this product: in her opinion it is the best to summer proof your hair, while under the sun’s rays. This is a light weight, water resistant UV defense mist that helps protect your hair from sun exposure.


Feel free to use this on dry or damp hair, and during sun exposure as needed. Think of it as a sunscreen, but for your hair!





Valeriya’s go to summer product: 

Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner


Why she chose this: This shampoo leaves your hair smelling and feeling good after spending hours out in the sun. Babassu and coconut derived ingredients gently cleanse the hair and help restore softness and shine. For the best results, we recommend pairing this shampoo with the Cherry Almond conditioner. Breathe in the sweet smell of this shampoo, it’ll have heads turning!





Karen’s go to summer product:

Phomollient Styling Foam


Why she chose this: Shine, body and volume are always a must for the summer. This light-weight formula will not weigh your hair down, while giving your hair the volume you’ve always wanted. Distribute evenly onto damp hair, and blow dry as desired, for the best results, use an Aveda paddle brush to achieve smooth, silky hair. 





Vanessa’s go to summer product:

Brilliant Spray-On Shine


Why she chose this: Shiny hair is a must while out in the sun, or on a late summer night. This shine spray will provide a sheer weightless shine to any hairstyle. For a bonus, it also eliminates flyaways! For added shine, just spray on hair; combing it through will give you even more shine. For a lighter application spray onto hands and evenly massage into hair and comb through.














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