Your February Horoscope Mani/Pedi Color is Here!

February 9, 2018

We have picked out ZOYA natural nail color, formulated with their 10-free formula, to pamper your nail beds and take them to the next level! Check out what February holds for you and the color to use this month.



Aries- The Ram, you must be the first at everything! Energetic and dynamic, it is no wonder your color this month is TAMSEN. This color enhances these great traits of yours. This is your month to heal and bring out some new fire within you. 



Taurus- The Bull, is practical and reliable — just don’t get them mad! What is more practical and reliable than a beautiful mauve nude, try PRESLEY for your next mani! Past impactful events have left you with a realist attitude, but not to worry Taurus, you will rise above this month, just stay humble.




Gemini- The Twins, naturally gifted and very well-informed, TABITHA, is the best of both worlds, combining dark and shimmer. Have an open mind this month, as an opportunity will present itself to evolve you in some way.


Cancer- The Crab, conservative moon child and home-loving, sparkle and shine in the color, GAL. Money is the name of your game this month Cancer, just don’t get too caught up in creative ventures or lavish purchases just yet.



Leo- The Lion, creative and ambitious, you deserve a nail color that roars, try ALICIA! Big surprises are in store for you this month Leo, too overwhelming and you may ignore, too underwhelming then you miss it, so just be aware this month.


Virgo- The Virgin, delicate and modestly beautiful, you deserve a nail color so pure, try the Naked Manicure in Pink Perfector. Be bold, and be brave this month Virgo whether it is a new venture or your regular routine, there is nothing wrong with switching it up now and then, you will be impressed by the result of this.



Libra- The Scale, you are all about balance with elegance and charm. A classic red will do for you. MING is the perfect deep blue red. Just go for it Libra! This month you may have some lingering fears, but we are here to tell you to go forward with love and self-confidence.


Scorpio- The Scorpion, you are self-assured full of intense emotional energy, BLAKE is the perfect deep sapphire blue. An exciting seminar or learning experience is headed your way Scorpio! Even though you feel this may or may not benefit you now, in the long run you will not regret it.


Capricorn- The Sea Goat, you are a confident go getter, the shade DANIELLE, will help you outshine everyone else. Stay positive, events or people around you this month may have a hard time doing that, if such is the case there is nothing wrong with distancing yourself. Self-preservation is key for you this month.


Aquarius- The Water Carrier, you have a very strong confident personality, your go to shade, MONA, will be your plum wine muse. Happy Birthday month, what a perfect time to let your mind wander, nothing wrong with a little day dream since we know how powerful this feeling can be for you, follow your heart!


Pisces- The Fishes, emotionally adaptable to their environment, BETH, is the metallic iridescent shine you’ve been waiting for! Rise above any fear or doubt this month especially in a group setting, this time you definitely have what it takes to contribute and the outcome will shine as much as you do, naturally of course.



Happy February! 









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