5 Reasons Why you Need Professional Facials

April 7, 2019

1) The benefits of facials are so many and can go from your skin to your mind. Facials get the blood flowing and increasing blood circulation to the skin, and  allowing for the renewal of skin cells, which will overall give you a nice skin glow. Professional facials give a little extra love to your pores.


2) Not only can your esthetician do extractions of impurities that can help stop acne and promote clear skin, but getting a professional facial can also help with shrinking the size of your pores. Facials can smooth the skin, improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration and overall even out skin tone.


3) Facials can help you fight the aging process. The massage and exfoliation from regular facials can reduce fine lines and age spots. The use of antioxidants can slow down the aging process and will make your skin feel healthier, smoother and radiant! It can help you get rid of  puffiness and help decrease waste underneath skin that can fluid accumulation. This is an amazing detox to your skin!


4) Not just that, but we all need a break and facials are an amazing way to recharge! Your esthetician will go the extra mile to provide a relaxing ambiance, soft music, and special treatment, making you feel like royalty. Our facials and massage beds are heated, which makes you want to curl up in a ball and never leave.


5) Last but not least - enjoy free counseling! Take advantage of your time with your esthetician to get a prescribed regimen with a list of the ideal skin care products you should be using at home.




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